May 30, 2015

Welcome to NPower

Empowering citizens of Naples, Florida, to attain energy independence! Learn how to save money and make smart energy choices that benefit you today, and your kids and grandkids tomorrow.

Energy and Transportation

Over half of the energy used to power our community is in the transportation sector. It's expensive... [more]

Energy and Transportation Energy and Transportation

Energy and Water

Beautiful Naples — Our coastal paradise on the Gulf of Mexico, striving to become the green jewel of southwest Florida! [more]

Energy and Water water and energy city of naples

Save $60 a year with AC management

Between 30-50% of your home power bill is for heating and cooling, making it the single largest home operating expense in Florida. [more]

Save $60 a year with AC management Child changing AC filter

NPower is an outreach campaign for the City of Naples and is designed to help boost our economy and better our environment.

Learn how to:

• Reduce energy use
• Conserve water
• Save around $700 a year!

In ways that are...
• Easy
• Convenient
• Free!

We're sharing tips and success stories to promote energy efficiency. Check out our top ways to save and stay involved through Facebook, Twitter and our newsletter.

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